Fall Activities For The Family

Fall is Here! I can’t believe it’s been two months since I’ve written a post!  That is far from my goal of one post a week.  I thought it was because my summer was busy but summer is long gone.  Now the beautiful season of fall is in full swing and I’m still busy.  Slowly … [Read more…]

The Perks Of Summer

Summer is the Best Time of the Year If you couldn’t tell, summer is definitely my favorite time of year.  Not only for the weather but all the outdoor activities.  Plus who doesn’t love long hours of daylight?  Growing up in Michigan we were on the Western edge of the Eastern time zone.  In the … [Read more…]

New Treats To Satisfy My Cravings

I Love Sweet Treats As long as I can remember I have loved sweets.  As a toddler my dad would sit on the couch eating ice cream and I would stand on the couch next to him so he could share with me.  That’s probably how ice cream got to be one of my favorite … [Read more…]

Reflecting On My Goals By The Pool

A Trip to Orlando We got home Saturday evening from a trip to Orlando.  It has taken a few days but I think I have fully recovered.  Yesterday I wouldn’t have said that, I felt terrible yesterday.  Between the change in weather (it was cool in NJ), needing more thyroid meds and the hassle of … [Read more…]

Inspiration And Motivation

My Initial Inspiration for this Post Sadly, it has been a little while since I’ve written.  We had friends staying with us for two weeks and life was a little busier than normal!  Our guests headed home last Saturday.  That allowed me the privilege of attending a women’s power brunch in the Bronx on Sunday.  It was a networking mixer … [Read more…]