About Me

I am the practical SAHM

My name is Brandy, I’m a wife, a SAHM and I’m practical.  My son is now four and more than a handful!  We live in NJ but my husband and I would love to live in a climate that is warm year-round.  Somewhere near the Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean Sea sounds nice.  We haven’t figured out all the life-changing logistics of a move that far…yet.  For now, traveling to warm destinations whenever we can is our hobby.

I suffer with hypothyroidism and take medication daily.  I also love food (especially carbs) and believe eating unprocessed food is important for everyone’s health, especially my son’s!  Early in 2016 I developed a gluten-intolerance.  Since then I have been experimenting with gluten-free products and recipes to find the tastiest ones.  In 2017 I developed a problem with dairy as well so now my recipes are gluten & dairy free.  I personal think I have perfected gluten-free fried green tomatoes and look forward to sharing my recipe with you.


Email: brandy@practicalstayathomemom.com