Shopping with a Toddler and How to Make it Easier

A Big Change to How I Shopped I was 36 when my son was born.  Previous to his birth I could take my time reading labels or deciding between items while I was actually standing in an aisle of a store.  Not.  Any.  More.  Now I was worrying about making sure I brought enough diapers, milk (my son was an … [Read more…]

Winter…Is it Over Yet?

I do not like winter or anything that comes with it, the cold, the snow, the darkness or the attire.  As I write, it’s 34 degrees and we are getting rain, ugh!  It has melted almost all the snow we got on Thursday so I’m happy about that.  Now that I can see the grass again though I … [Read more…]

A Healthy Start to My Son’s Day – a Smoothie!

Healthy from the start I have fed my son vegetables and fruit as much as possible since he was able to eat them and he actually liked them.  Sweet potatoes seemed to be his favorite but he would not eat bananas.  I don’t usually eat bananas either, mainly due to texture.  His aversion, I believe, was due to their sweetness.  In … [Read more…]