New Treats To Satisfy My Cravings

I Love Sweet Treats

As long as I can remember I have loved sweets.  As a toddler my dad would sit on the couch eating ice cream and I would stand on the couch next to him so he could share with me.  That’s probably how ice cream got to be one of my favorite treats.  His favorite flavor is butter pecan and I grew to love it as well, along with many other flavors.  Along the way, cheesecake became another favorite treat of mine.  As a kid I would mix some cream cheese with sugar and then spread it on a saltine or I would put plain cream cheese then strawberry jelly on top of the saltine for a snack.  I don’t remember how I came up with that but I was probably only 7 or 8.

As an adult I learned to make a pretty good no-bake cheesecake, I never wanted to wait for it to bake to eat it!  Then when I married my husband I hit the jackpot (in many ways).  His father had been a baker in NYC for a little while when he was young and he continued to bake as he got older.  His cheesecakes are famous among those who know him.  After I couldn’t eat gluten I would just scrape the crust off and eat the rest.  In the last few months, however, I seem to have developed sensitivity to dairy also.  I thought cheesecake, like so many other things, was just something I would have to give up.

dairy-free cheesecakeI. Was. Wrong.

While grocery shopping one day I found a gluten and dairy free cheesecake made by daiya and I was excited!  Then I thought about it for a moment, how could a gluten and dairy free cheesecake actually taste good?  I assumed it couldn’t so I left it in the freezer and kept shopping.  About a month later, while grocery shopping again, I was having a craving for something sweet.  I felt frustrated because I couldn’t eat so many things.  Then I remembered the cheesecake and decided to buy it.  When I got home I cut it into the recommended four servings.  I put three back in the freezer and tried to wait for the other piece to thaw.  Waiting isn’t my specialty so after a few minutes I started to eat it.

I was definitely wrong, it was delicious!  I was so happy to have a treat that I could eat if I wanted something sweet.  The crust is probably my least favorite part but the “cheeze” part is very creamy and has very good texture for being non-dairy.  I have since bought their strawberry cheesecake and I like it, but I would rather have the plain and put fresh strawberries on it because I just love fresh fruit.  That’s me though.

dark chocolate peanut butter cupsPeanut Butter and Chocolate Treats

Who doesn’t love peanut butter and chocolate?  I personally think it’s one of the greatest combos every created!  Thankfully I’m not allergic to peanuts so I can have this combo still.  I know chocolate can contain dairy but another good thing for me is I like dark chocolate, which usually doesn’t have much dairy.  And even better is Justin’s mini dark chocolate peanut butter cups which have no dairy in the ingredients, yay!  You will find a cross-contamination warning on the bag but I’m not that sensitive to dairy so I indulge on occasion.


Lessons Learned

Living with these sensitivities isn’t fun and can be depressing if I focus on what I can’t eat.  That’s especially true if I’m with a group of people who can eat all the things I can’t.  Exploring new foods that I can eat and keeping them on hand has helped.  Those new treats can keep me from overindulging in a bunch of unhealthy foods.  On those occasions where I do get a craving, if I can’t find the right treat I keep eating snacks trying to figure out a substitute for what I can’t have.  My new treats help me to eat a small portion and then get back to my healthy foods.

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