Fall Activities For The Family

Fall is Here!

I can’t believe it’s been two months since I’ve written a post!  That is far from my goal of one post a week.  I thought it was because my summer was busy but summer is long gone.  Now the beautiful season of fall is in full swing and I’m still busy.  Slowly I’m understanding that my life is just going to be this way and I have no idea when it will end!  Before I know it winter will be here and I’ll just want to hibernate.  Maybe then I’ll at least be able to write 🤔😄.  Until then I need to get my son outside as much as possible.

Playing Outside

I love when the leaves are so colorful

The weather is almost perfect for playing outside now.  It’s definitely not too hot and most of the time it’s not too cold.  My son gets hot very easy so this is definitely the perfect time for him to play outside.  We have a decent size yard but for some reason we don’t play in it very often??  We usually go to the park or even just go for walks around the neighborhood.  My son loves picking up acorns, sticks and leaves when we walk so I thought he would enjoy a nature scavenger hunt.  I’m not very creative but I found lots of ideas on Pinterest and many of them have free printable sheets.  There are also lots of fall festivals going on and many of them have corn mazes, hayrides and petting zoos.  We went to one that had pony rides, which my son loved.

Fall Festival

Pony Ride

Playing Inside

Some days just aren’t conducive to playing outside.  Fortunately we live within an hour drive (or less) from many children’s museums, aquariums and zoos.  In fact one of the best aquariums in the country, Adventure Aquarium in Camden is one of them.  I haven’t taken him to any of these before even though I wanted to.  We have, however, taken him to these kinds of things when we travel.  Maybe I felt like I needed my husband’s help to go to these places??  Now I’m determined to do it on my own, especially since he is at a great age for these kinds of activities.  He still takes naps but he’s to the point where if we miss a nap for a special occasion it isn’t horrible for me!  So when it’s rainy or a little too cold to play outside we will be taking a few field trips this fall.

I look forward to reading your comments about what fall activities you like to do with your kids.


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