Reflecting On My Goals By The Pool

A Trip to Orlando

We got home Saturday evening from a trip to Orlando.  It has taken a few days but I think I have fully recovered.  Yesterday I wouldn’t have said that, I felt terrible yesterday.  Between the change in weather (it was cool in NJ), needing more thyroid meds and the hassle of traveling I felt like I needed to stay in bed.  But of course I couldn’t!  I did start this post though which is a step in attaining a few goals of mine (write at least one post a week and be a successful blogger).

We spent last week at the Caribe Royale in Orlando because my husband had a work conference at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center.  The weather was in the low 90’s everyday and sunny most of the time.  That allowed my son and I to get some pool time in while my husband was working.  The pool had a water slide and they also had a kiddie pool and playground next to it which was great for my son.

Playing in the kiddie pool

and at the playground

Enjoying dinner by the pool

Pool Time

Spending time at the pool, however, allowed me to see all these women (mostly moms) in swimsuits.  I’m not very comfortable in a swimsuit so I started to feel pretty bad about myself.  I kept thinking “I am so fat”.  After a couple days, I had a realization, I am not fat!  Yes, I have put on 20lbs since my husband and I got married (just over 5 years ago) but I had a baby via C-section at 36 years old.  I also have hypothyroidism and I am now 39 years old!  These things were not easy on my body.

I had no idea how old these women were and whether or not they had any health problems affecting their bodies.  Maybe they have family who live nearby who help with their kids so they get time to workout.  Maybe their kids are easier going than mine is and they can still push them in a stroller while they walk or run.  There are so many factors that can affect our bodies.  Yet here I was comparing myself to every other woman at the pool and feeling like I shouldn’t be in a swimsuit!  Why???

Focus on Your Goals

For the most part I eat pretty healthy and thankfully my son is picking up the good habit.  After a few mornings of not having his smoothie for breakfast, he was asking for it!!  That made me feel pretty good.  Ok back to my point.  I do eat junk food on occasion but who doesn’t?  I avoid gluten due to an intolerance and just a couple months ago I had to give up dairy because it also started making me sick.  You would think I’d be dropping pounds pretty easily with avoiding so much food!  But I’m not and that is ok with me.

My goals don’t include being a model or even looking like one.  Maybe when I was younger and single I wanted to look like one but now I know that’s not important.  Goals I do have, however, are being a great wife and mother.  To make sure my husband and son know they are loved and feel happiness everyday.  I want to teach my son how important it is to do the right thing in even the littlest of things.  He needs to know that there is so much more to this world than himself and the things he sees on a daily basis (that’s part of why I love traveling).  That helping others will bring him so much more happiness than focusing on himself.  These goals matter so much more than what I look like.

Continue to Set New Goals

Of course, I would love to look at myself in a swimsuit and see no flaws but I know that’s not going to happen.  Sadly it didn’t happen when I was 18 years old either, when I actually looked great in a swimsuit!  One of my new goals is to be physically, emotionally and mentally healthy and strong for myself and my family.  This is a goal that will be a continual process but I’m looking forward to the journey.

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