Thankful For So Many Things

The terrible funk

All of us have our moments where we start complaining about situations in our lives we don’t like.  These circumstances are usually small things but when we don’t have control of them, they seem big.  One of my complaints lately is how much my husband has had to work the last couple months.  Which means I haven’t been able to spend as much time with him as I want.  I know that sounds really whiny but I like spending time with my husband, that’s why I married him!  Even while on vacation he was taking conference calls and emails.  I also caught a stomach bug while on vacation and spent 2 days in bed feeling nauseous and feverish.  Then my poor husband got it the day after we arrived home.  I was thankful my son didn’t get it.   It’s also been pretty cold here since we got home from vacation, then winter storm Stella made her arrival last week.  Yuck!

I’d like to think I’m generally a pretty grateful person.  I know I have many things, both materially and emotionally, that others don’t have and I really do appreciate it all.  So how was I going to get out of this funk because I knew I shouldn’t be complaining??

There’s an app for that

I actually used to have an app on my phone that was for keeping track of things to be thankful for.  Of course, I can’t remember the name of it now but everyday you could list 5 things that you were thankful for.  I liked it because it helped me stay positive which is always a good thing.  If I was having a bad day and struggled to think of things for that day, I could look back and see if a previous item applied to that day.  So even on a bad day, when I looked at my list it would put me in a better mood.  As with so many other things in life though, I eventually stopped doing it because I got busy with other things.


I know that keeping a proper perspective is so important to how we cope with our problems.  If we know the tough struggles of others it will help us to endure our minor struggles.  This week I happen to see a few news stories about some pretty tough struggles of others and they definitely put my puny problems into their place.

One story was of a couple who learned their unborn baby girl would die shortly after birth due to anencephaly.  The husband said his wife’s first thoughts were to donate the baby’s organs so that others could live.  They will experience a loss that no parent should have to endure and yet their concern was for others.  I cried upon hearing this and immediately thought how fortunate I am that I have never experienced anything like this.  I’ve always been thankful that my son was born healthy and at almost 3 years old is still healthy but some days I take it for granted.  Not that I mean to or want to, it just happens with day to day life.

Another story I saw was of a 10 year old boy who was colorblind and received glasses that could help him to see color.  When he put them on and realized they worked he started to cry.  Then he hugged his father who was crying as well, of course, I was crying too.  How many of us take for granted the beautiful colors we see everyday?  I know I’ve been grateful for the ability to see and probably even that I could see color but on a daily basis it’s something I don’t think about.  This week I did.

Feeling thankful again

No more funk!  Now I was thinking of all the elements in my life that I’m thankful for.  My great husband who takes care of me and my son both materially and emotionally.  Our healthy little boy, who works my nerves at times but is truly loving and brings happiness in my life.  Awesome friends who would help me in any way.  A peaceful home, cars, food on the table at every meal, electricity, heat, a/c, hot water, a comfortable bed to sleep in and the list could go on and on.  Sadly I don’t, however, have the time to list everything I’m thankful for.  What’s important though is that I know and think about these things everyday.  I hope you are now thinking of all the things you are thankful for too.

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