Winter…Is it Over Yet?

I do not like winter or anything that comes with it, the cold, the snow, the darkness or the attire.  As I write, it’s 34 degrees and we are getting rain, ugh!  It has melted almost all the snow we got on Thursday so I’m happy about that.  Now that I can see the grass again though I want to get outside and start planting things and working on our yard.  The sad reality, however, is I probably have another 6 weeks or so before I can actually do that.  Instead, I’m snuggling on the couch with one of my cats, while my son is napping.

I’m sure many of you have felt this way before, especially if you live where you get snow.  I know, Floridians will say they get winter too and yes it cools down but it doesn’t stay that way for months and you still usually get sunshine so I don’t want to hear any complaining!

Winters Past

I grew up in a few places but a lot of my childhood was in Michigan.  A few years were even in northern Michigan (not the U.P.) but I was younger so I actually enjoyed the snow and would play in it for hours.  Then from there we moved to Tacoma, WA where we didn’t experience much snow.  The winters were mainly cool and rainy with occasional inch of snow.  Then when I was a teenager we moved back to Michigan, southeast of Grand Rapids.  It wasn’t as snowy as where I lived when I was younger but at that age I had grown to hate any snow.  My husband spent his childhood on the west side of 131 (for anyone who knows Michigan) where lake effect snow can really pile up, poor guy!

We are both glad we don’t live in Michigan anymore but here in NJ winter is still cold and we get the occasional nor’easter that dumps two feet of snow in 24 hours, like in January 2016.  Thankfully, those don’t come around too often though.  We have both turned into wimps when it comes to the cold and snow as well.  When I first moved here I would laugh at how people reacted to the snow.  I’ve lived here for almost five years and I admit, I now react the same way!  I know this is what has happened to most Floridians as well so I really can’t blame you for complaining.  It’s all about what we get used to and I hope to be complaining about how cold 50 degrees is!

Back to Reality

As much as I am enjoying my new blog, I should probably go clean something before my son wakes up.  Hopefully you are enjoying my blog as well and I look forward to hearing any positive or constructive comments.

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