Workout Day, it’s a Love-Hate Thing


Exercise isn’t something I really enjoy but I think it’s important.  Finding time to workout is not always easy though.  One day a week is my goal and I’ve been able to keep at it for about 2 years (I’ve probably missed a handful of times).  That isn’t very much but living with an active toddler keeps me pretty active.  I used to run one morning on the weekend but now my schedule doesn’t allow that.  I could probably run in the afternoon on the weekend but I haven’t seem to fit that in my schedule yet.  Running in the cold isn’t my favorite thing either so for now it’s workout videos during the week.  My son actually likes it and wants to exercise with me.  His favorite thing is to be able to use hand weights, I let him use the 4lb ones.  He’s pretty cute trying to do jumping jacks and lifting weights.

My favorite videos are by Jillian Michaels.  The videos I own were released from 2008-2011 and the workouts are pretty easy to follow.  I think she was still getting used to being in front of a camera so she’s not very refined but I don’t care about that.  What I care about is seeing results for the work I do and I definitely do.  She knows what she’s talking about when it comes to fitness and if I were to buy anymore workout videos, they would be hers.

Today’s workout

I try to rotate my videos to make sure I’m working different muscles.  Today was “Killer Buns & Thighs”.

I did level 2…it’s pretty tough!  I didn’t get all the way through it though due to my son.  He was playing with the DVD remote and took it back to the main menu before the workout was done.  I didn’t feel like trying to find where I was in my workout so I finished with a couple of ab exercises and called it good!  I got at least 20 minutes of exercise in so that made me happy and I may still feel a little sore tomorrow.  Thanks to Jillian for helping me stay healthy with a busy schedule.

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